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    Looking for a new way to review the parts of speech?  Download a specially designed PowerPoint presentation that can serve as a set of color flash cards like the ones you see below.  Transfer the images to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device and study on the go, or view them on your computer.

iPod/iPhone/iPad Viewing Instructions:

  1. Click here to download a .zip file containing flash card images.  To download the file, right-click (control-click for Mac users) on the link and then select "Save Target As..." ("Save Link As..." for Mac users).

  2. Extract the images from the .zip file.  PC users: Right-click on the .zip file and select "Extract All..."  Mac users: Simply double-click on the .zip file.  You will now have a new folder containing all of the extracted flash card images.

  3. Create a new folder on your computer called "Digital Flash Cards."

  4. Drag the folder containing the extracted flash card images into the newly created "Digital Flash Cards" folder.

  5. Open iTunes, connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad to your computer, and click on the Photos tab.

  6. Check the box next to "Sync Photos from," and in the dropdown menu, locate and select the "Digital Flash Cards" folder.

  7. Click the "Apply" button in the lower, right-hand corner of the iTunes window.  This will transfer the flash card images to your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

  8. To view the flash cards, select Photos on your iPod/iPhone/iPad, and then select the folder in which the images are stored.

  9. Tap or click on the first thumbnail image to begin the flash card slideshow.  Swipe or click the "Next" button to advance to the next image.

Computer Viewing Instructions:

  1. Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation containing flash card images.  To download the presentation, right-click (control-click for Mac users) on the link and then select "Save Target As..." (or "Download Linked File" for Mac users).

  2. Open the presentation, start the slide show, and click or tap the space bar each time you wish to advance to the next slide (flash card).

Note: These flash cards can also be transferred to and displayed on other mobile devices such as PSPs, Android phones, Windows phones, and any cell phone that accepts JPG images.  To sync to these devices, please use the software and instructions that came with the device.

Don't have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer?  No problem.  Download PowerPoint Viewer.  This free program allows you to view full-featured PowerPoint presentations.

Thanks to Tony Vincent for inspiring me to create these flash cards.  For more information on how mobile devices can be used in education, visit Tony's outstanding website at www.learninginhand.com.

Terms of Use:

The digital flash cards and PowerPoint presentation above are licensed under the following terms:

  1. A student may freely download flash cards for personal use.

  2. A teacher may utilize these flash cards in his/her classroom.

  3. A teacher may duplicate flash cards for distribution to his/her classroom students only.

  4. Flash cards and PowerPoint presentations may not be resold, used, or distributed in any way other than for the two points described above.  This includes republishing flash card images and/or PowerPoint presentations on another classroom, personal, or business website.

  5. Teachers wishing to share these resources with others should link directly to Mr. Coley's Digital Flash Cards page at http://www.mrcoley.com/flashcards.

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