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    Wow!  We have learned a lot of new vocabulary words this year, so we're now taking time to review all the words by playing a game we call Define It!  Using the word wall shown below and two 10-sided dice, students earn points by correctly defining words from the word wall (here's how we play).
debris pressure stammer drilling
devastation elite solemn fierce
fault gnarled repulsive just
impact debut centaur kin
jolt duo venture peered
shudder limelight gloat rebels
susceptible pantomime mere skirmish
undulating dismayed treachery skittish
upheaval immobile perish abolitionist
frantic stamina dismay apprentice
collide futile summon assist
jagged receding shudder captive
prairies erode incantation conflict
severe orbit shrill dread
ominous specialist vile encourage
cinders trailblazer prodigious enslavement
crater hoax cargo influential
crust dominion express privateers
eruption inquisitive liberty dexterity
lava beckon oppose bondage
magma festoon Patriot tentative
molten prophecy revolutionary tacking
summit fraternize sentries expedition
amateur earnest taxes encomienda
elements reign arming diversity

    Here's how we play Define It!  Each vocabulary word on the word wall is numbered, 1 through 100.  Each day, a few students from each table group roll the two 10-sided dice to determine which words they will try to define.  The number rolled on the first die represents the first digit of the vocabulary word's number, and the number rolled on the second die represents the second digit of the vocabulary word's number.  For example, rolling a 3 and then a 4 would mean the student would have to define word number 34. 

    If a student is correctly able to define the word, his/her table group earns one point.  If the student can use the word in a sentence, he/she earns a second point for the table group.  If students get stuck and are having difficulty defining a word, they can choose to have Mr. Coley use the word in a sentence.  If they can then correctly define the word, they earn one point.  So basically, students have the opportunity to earn two points with no help, or one point with some assistance.  In the event that a student is unable to define the word after it is used in a sentence, Mr. Coley randomly selects a student using the classroom's random sticks.  If that student can correctly define the word, his/her table group earns a point.  Points are tallied, and the table with the most points at the end of each month wins a small prize.

    Students, use the word list above to see how many words you can define.  Parents, print the word list and use it to review with your child.

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