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What is Club Ed?
Club Ed is a free, educational club that was created to help Mr. Coley's students learn new "stuff" by researching things in books and on the Internet.  The "Ed" stands for education, which is what the club is all about!

Mr. Coley has left the classroom to move into administration. The resources found on mrcoley.com remain online, but please be advised that the site is no longer being updated.





How do I join?
Joining Club Ed is simple.  All you have to do is answer one or more of the questions at the bottom of this page and give your answer(s) to Mr. Coley, either in class or by e-mail.  Earn points for each correct answer and get your name listed on the Club Ed Scoreboard.  The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you earn.  Mr. Coley's student with the most points at the end of each trimester wins a cool prize!
How do I find the answers?
Any way you want -- books, encyclopedias, the Internet, Mom or Dad, or a really smart friend.  Just a hint, Mr. Coley finds all of his answers on the Internet.
Do I have to answer all of the questions?
No.  You may answer as many questions as you wish, and you may answer them separately.  Just remember, your first answer is the only answer that can earn you points for each question.
How long do I have to answer the questions?
Each set of questions will remain on the Club Ed page for at least two weeks.  You can only earn points for questions that are currently listed on this page.

Current Questions

50 points  
100 points  
150 points  
200 points  

Last Session's Questions & Answers
50 points  
100 points  
150 points  
200 points  

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Good luck!  Remember to check the spelling of your answers.
Misspelled answers will not receive points.

E-mail your answer(s) to Mr. Coley

Club Ed is an adaptation of a concept created by former 5th grade teacher Tony Vincent.
Thanks for the idea, Tony!