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Monday, December 6, 2010
Reported by Matthew

Hi my name is Matthew and I’m Roving Reporter for Monday, December 6, 2010. I got to school and walked to room 34, Mr. Coley’s classroom. I was kind of late because Mrs. Picchiottino stopped me on the way to class and talked to me about something that happened last Friday. Anyway, when I came into the classroom, everyone was getting out their DMA notebooks. DMA stands for Daily Morning Activities. I sat down at my desk and got my DMA notebook out and worked on it. Then, we wrote down our homework and checked our mailboxes. After that, we corrected the DMA. One of the questions that Mr. Coley gave us was, What oceans border Australia?  I got the answer right, it was the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Later on, we moved into spelling. The paper passers passed lined paper out for our pre spelling test. We put our name, number, date, titled the paper, and numbered the paper one through twenty. We took the pre spelling test and I got minus one. The word I got wrong was, “react.”  We got our highlighters out because Mr. Coley passed out the Lesson 15 spelling paper. We had to highlight the words we missed  on the pretest. After that, we pulled out our minder binders so we could write down our Roving Reporter dates.

Next was, ColeyCasts. A ColeyCast is when Mr. Coley records us talking about a school subject that we learned in class. First, we chose the people who were working on  the segments of the ColeyCast. I was part of the Science ColeyCast. I chose the Respiratory System of the Human Body. I chose that system because my dad is a lung doctor. I am in a group with Joseph Coca and Clarissa. We worked on the ColyCast together.

Then, we got ready to go to a PLUS assembly. PLUS stands for Pear Leaders United Students. When we got there, we were split into two groups, group one and group two. We played the same games but group one was inside the Multi Purpose Room and group two was outside. When we were done with the games, we each got a PLUS bracelet and went inside the Multi Purpose Room to put our chairs back. Then, we got dismissed by class.

When we came back to class, we got out our math stuff out and Mr. Coley read to us, Where The Red Fern Grows. After Mr. Coley read the book, he dismissed us out to recess.

At recess, I went to the office to finish my talk with Mrs. Picchiottino.

After Recess, we went to class to pick up our math stuff and left to our math class. My math teacher is Mr. Henning. In math class, we learned how to subtract fractions. It is really easy for me. After Mr. Henning made the math lesson clear to us, he gave us class work to do in class and whatever we don’t finish is homework. One of the questions we had on the work was, 4 - 2 5/9. The answer was 1 4/9. Mr. Henning said to put our homework away and he passed out our math test on adding fractions that we took last week. I got an A+ plus five extra credit points.

After math class, we went back to our homeroom class and got ready for lunch. At lunch, I ate pasta, a bag of baby carrots and a piece of candy. I also drank water. After I ate, I played basketball with my friend Jonathan Baker.

Once that was done, we went to our lines and waited for Mr. Coley to open the door. When he opened the door, we went inside and packed up our stuff. We packed up our science notebooks, math stuff, AR books and our spelling homework. I didn’t have spelling homework because I was Roving Reporter. Mr. Coley said, “The quiet seat was not quiet.” When the bell rang, Mr. Coley Dismissed us to go home. Our dismissal time was 1:30 pm because it was Monday, early release day!

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