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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Reported by Adrian

Hi! It’s me again, Adrian, and I’ll report on what exciting things happened in school today! It was a minimum day today, so maybe it is not going to be as long as the other ones.

First, we got our homework out witch was practice book page 239, and the homework we wrote down in our minder binders was lesson 13 crossword puzzle for spelling witch I didn’t have to do it because I’m doing this, then read 15 minutes for reading, work on weekly challenge for math, science weekly in science, and lesson 4 ILT also for science. The stuff we got in our boxes were winter athletics sign-up sheets and our spelling homework for today. Yesterday’s homework got corrected today by us. I used a pen that says North Pole on the cap with three different designed pens all with blue ink. My grade was 14 out of 15 questions right witch is -1.

Next, we did taxes. It was our first time, so we had to listen very carefully, and pay close attention. He handed each of us a four page packet, and told us “take one pass it down, but don’t write on it yet,” witch we did. He got a folder, opened it, got something out, and showed it on the Elmo. He said it was a real tax form. When he compared it to the one we had, almost everything was the same! The teacher said a lot of directions. Some of them were, cut out the fourth and final page, and keep the bottom one that says personal copy in the upper left corner. When we were almost done we had to go to the spelling bee!

At the Spelling Bee in the multipurpose room, everyone kept talking about how exited they were. When they started it, everyone slowly quieted down, looked at the speaker, Mr. Glendinning, and he said all the simple rules. In the middle of the rules, he said “Am I boring you?” and some people answered “Yes.” At the practice round, the spelling master and principal, Ms. Lockwood, gave really short words like tree and cat.  For the real rounds she said words like universally and elocution. In the end all of the representatives from our class lost. The winners were a forth grader named Conrad, and a fifth grader named Christy. The alternate was a fifth grader named Hannah.    

When we got back, we got 5 paperclips on our paperclip chain for behaving.  We got change for our Coley cash. We turned in our filled out tax packets with the money we owed attached to it with a shiny silver paperclip.

After that, instead of social studies we read Where the Red Fern Grows. Before we started reading, we summarized what we read last time. Part of the summary was deadly! It was one of the Prichard boys tripping onto the ax and dying. The part we read today was really short, and only part of a chapter. One part in it was Billy’s dad went to his grandpa to tell him to move the body. We stopped at when the Prichard mom went to the cemetery.

Then, right before recess we did a little review for science. We reviewed the parts of the circulatory system we already covered. Mr. Coley showed us the heart shape in the real heart. When we wrote down one note we left.

Afterwards, it was recess and lunch. Some people brought and some bought. I brang a cherry flavored fruit roll, cheese crackers, and Yoohoo chocolate milk to eat or drink at the black, white, or blue tables.

Once that was done, it was time for science. We wrote down lots of notes that we finished. We learned about valves, white blood cells, plasma, red blood cells, and platelets. We were going to watch a video, but the internet was down. We got to work on our science ILT. Some examples are, white blood cells fight all the germs in your body, and platelets heal your cuts, and weave your skin back together.

Once that was done, it was time for quiet seat! It was quiet, so someone gets a treat. He said lots of questions, but in the end it was Alex.

Finally, we all left home. We were carrying backpacks, instruments, and I brang the Neo2 to write this exciting day in school instead of spelling homework today.

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