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Friday, November 5, 2010
Reported by Ethan #9

Today started out to be a good morning.  We lined up in front of Room #34 like we normally do to wait for class to start.  Mr. Coley came around the corner to let us in.  We all went straight to our desks and dropped our backpacks off.

Next, it was time for Friday Flag and everyone went crazy when Mr. Fanning came out.  Mrs. Lockwood gave out Shark Bites and PTA came out and made some announcements. Afterwards, we went back to class and we did our spelling test and passed it in.  Next, was reading and we got out our practice books and did the page Mr. Coley told us to do.

Then it was time for Lit. Circles and we got up in our groups and went over our jobs. My job was Illustrator this week.  Our group went over our jobs and corrected each other’s work and discussed our new chapters for next time.

Next, we did Artist of the Month.  The Artist of the Month is M.C. Escher.  Mr. Coley showed us some crazy and artistic pictures by this Artist. Then we got some pieces of paper and cut out some shapes for making our own animals like M.C. Escher’s.  When all of us were done Mr. Coley told us to get out our reading books for silent reading. Finally it was time for recess, we played for 20 minutes and when we got back in, he told us to get our Math books and our homework and we left for our Math classes.

When we got to Math class, Mrs. Becker told us to get our homework out to check it. We are working on changing a fraction to a decimal in simplest form right now.   When we were done with checking our homework we did some more class work. Finally, Math was done and we went back to Room #34.  It was time for lunch, so we all left to eat.

When we got back from lunch Mr. Coley read from a book called ``Where the Red Fern Grows”.   The book is mostly about a boy named Billy who has been saving his money to buy two hound dogs to hunt with.  Mr. Coley left off at the part where Billy and his two hound dogs caught a raccoon. 

Lastly, it was time for Friday Business and we first picked our weekly homophone winner. Natalie won and played Deal or No Deal on the big screen and won one piece of licorice. It was then time to leave for the day.  We packed up our backpacks and the bell rang and we left for the day.

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