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Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Reported by Elaina

The first thing we did in class was morning business. Today's morning business was fairly simple. All we did was check our boxes and wrote down tonight's homework.

After morning business we completed a spelling pretest. Compound words are the theme for this week's spelling.  The spelling words for this week include: basketball, wheelchair, cheerleader, newscast, weekend, everybody, up-to-date, grandparent, first aid, wildlife, highway, daytime, whoever, test tube, turnpike, shipyard, homemade, household, salesperson and brother-in-law.  This week's challenge words are: extraordinary, self-assured, quick-witted, limelight and junior high school. 

Next on the agenda was narrative writing. In narrative writing we got to choose if we wanted to write about a time you couldn't stop laughing or a bad hair day. Mr. Coley advised everyone to "correct your paper and check for silly mistakes before writing your final draft."  Most of the class is working on their final draft.  

Late in the morning we had a science lesson.  In science we are learning about cells, kingdoms and bacteria. To help remember facts we taking notes on paper and gluing them to our science notebook so we can study the notes for upcoming tests.

Cooler temperatures allowed everyone to enjoy recess outside following the science lesson.  The games that were played during today's recess included tether ball and wall ball. Those with a snack were able to take a much needed break and eat at the lunch tables.

When we returned to class it was time for math.  We rotate to different classes depending on each student's math level or skill. The focus of each class depends on the needs of the class.  In Mr. Henning's class the students reviewed prime factors and the greatest common factor (GCF) in preparation a test on Wednesday.  

Once we finished math it was time to move onto social studies. In social studies we are learning about Christopher Columbus. Did you know that Leif Ericson actually discovered America?  This was one of the facts discussed during today's lesson.  To learn our social studies facts we took brief notes then drew pictures explaining the notes.

Finally it was time to go to the library. At the library we were aloud to check out three books. Out of the three, one, or preferably two, should be A.R. If you are not familiar with A.R. it is a program that tests you on what you read to make sure you understand the book. Each student must read and take the associated test for two books by the end of September.

All in all is was an excellent Tuesday.

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