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Thursday, May 12, 2011
Reported by Ethan #7

I got to school around 8am today.  When I got there, Mr. Eddy was not yet dismissing.  After he gave the OK to play, I went and played basketball.  Then the bell rang.  We lined up and Mr. Coley came and let us into the classroom.

The first thing we did was Morning Business.  Mr. Coley told us to get out our homework.  The homework he had assigned on Wednesday was Sign of the Beaver worksheets.   Then, it was time for district testing.  Mr. Coley passed out the bubble answer sheet and then we got started on the test.  The good thing was that it was only like 35 questions.

After testing, it was time to work on Social Studies.  We were making up our own test.  We had to go through our notes packet and our Social Studies book and make up questions. 

Next, it was time for our Writing Prompt.  For Writing prompt we are writing a letter to Mr. Sheer.  Mr. Scheer wants us to get school uniforms.  Only five people wanted uniforms, but thirty people didn’t want them.  So in our letters we had to try and convince him that we don’t want uniforms.  We had to make up three good reasons why we don’t want uniforms. 

Then, it was time for recess.  At recess, I played basketball with my friends.  I made the last shot for the win and I made it!  It went in!  I was so happy.  Then the bell rang, we lined up and went back to class.

After recess, it was time for Math.  In Math, we are finishing our test from Wednesday.  We still need more time to check it.  It’s a test for the district, but Mrs. Becker gets to grade the test.  After Math was over, we went back to our home room.

It was now time for lunch.  On the menu today was hamburger and sun chips, but I took the peanut butter and jelly for lunch.  It was yummy.  After we were dismissed, I went and played basketball again.  We won again.  We made so many threes it was not funny!  After lunch, we went inside and read Sign of the Beaver.  It’s a book about a kid named Matt.  He and his father made a log cabin and then his father had to leave to go get the rest of his family.  So far, it’s a good book so far. 

Finally, it was time for P.E.  In P.E. we played ‘Get the Bacon’.  This is a game where everyone is assigned a number.  There’s two teams and you have to have even number on each team.  Each person on each team is given a number.  Mr. Coley puts an eraser in the middle and then he calls a number.  If your number is called you make a run to grab the eraser and run back as fast as you can to the wall to score two points.  It was my first time playing this game and I thought it was really fun!

After P. E. it was time to go home for the day.  Everyone said “Goodbye” and left to go home.

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