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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Reported by Maia

Hi my name is Maia. Today I’m your Roving Reporter. Today Mr. Coley said we have no running so go inside. Then write down your homework. Once we were down with that, he said get out your writing and start to write about something. Then Mr. Coley said ok put you’re writing away and get your states and capitals out.

When we did states and capitals, we wrote down our new states. Our new states were Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Once we were done with that, Mr. Coley told us about a new game. The new game was called Define It!

The game Define it! To play the game you role a dice and you get a number. After you get a number you try to find it in the 100 words that we already did. So we are going to review. So you get a number try to find it and give the definition. If you get the definition correct your table gets a point. And if you put it in a sentence, you get another point. Next, he told us that we are going to start our Theme Test.

When we got our packet, he told us to put our name on it. And then we got our answer sheet. We took our theme test but we did not finish it. We did not finish it because we had to go to the computer lab.

In the computer lab, we started off with the very fun Fast Math. Then when we were done with that we went on A.R. Once we were done with that, we did our amazing state facts my state was Illinois. We had to finish our three amazing state facts. Then Mr. Coley told us when we’re done with the amazing state facts, he told us to do our Book Blog. When I was in the middle of the book blog, he told us to stop what we’re doing and exit out. Then we had to leave.

Then when we went back to the class, we finished our theme test letters F-the end. Then when we were done, he told us to read silently. Then it was time to go to recess. So he told us to get our math stuff out and you may be dismissed. So I did that.

In math, we learned to divide decimals, my math teacher, was Mrs. Martinez. Then she gave us a worksheet. The worksheet was about dividing decimals. Then she said she will give us our test at the end out the math class, but I think she forgot. So at the end of math class we went back to our home class and it was time for lunch.

Then when we came back from lunch, we did some science. Our science planet was Earth. It was kind our short because most of us already know the answer. And then Mr. Coley gave an earth ILT and we had to work on it. If we did not finish it, we had it for homework. I aired finished mine. Then when it was two O’clock, he told us to get lots of books because the library will get a new carpet. So I did.

At the library, we checked out four or three book I got three books and checked them out. then once everyone was done checking out a book, we started to read. Then last but not least Mr. Coley lets us out. and I was so happy!!!

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