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Thursday, March 10, 2011
Reported by Joseph

Thursday morning stated off not so great. It started with running which is not my favorite thing to do. First we ran two tiring laps at P.E.  Instead of running four laps we ran two laps, we run two laps every Thursday.  Then we played games, the boys played Trees and I don’t know what the girls played.

After we went inside from P.E. we sat our back pack on our chairs, and then got our homework out. We worked on spelling, math and our Science weekly.  When we finished Mr. Coley told us to look at the homework and agenda board, and we do Morning business. 

Next we heard a biography of a story called And Then What Happened  Paul Revere?  Right after that we took a comprehension quiz and a vocabulary quiz.

After that we got out our math stuff out and then went out to recess.  I just ate my snack and talked to my friend Alex. We really didn’t feel much like playing anything. We got bored and too hot. 

After Recess I went to math class, we learned how to divide fractions. It was pretty easy. When we were done with math, we listened to the states and capitals song, that was fun.  When that was over we went to lunch, I was hungry.

I just ate my sandwich, drank my juices, and hung out with my friends.  When lunch was over I walked back to class.

Finally we came back to silent reading and checked the homework board and finally the bell rang, we all left home.

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